Happy American Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to make an update on certain things that are rolling out of this site soon. Currently I finished a story of Moment of Conviction : Help and its a 12 page story i’m gonna put all up next week. mcH_coverpage01   I also have been working on a game test thing. I’ve missed a few Sunday Lab Sessions already because of photoshoots for CZ and stuff. But here’s what i’ve gotten so far. The controls are left and right to move and Jump is Spacebar. it is so much fun to make all the art for this because most of the code was kinda done already. So i did all the art i needed to do (except for the character) and just put it all together. It is so much fun and i’m excited to develop this further with one of my best friends. We’re taking it all easy right now and take years to make this bad boy. Right now it can also do double jump, but that’s about it. I wanna make a good follow player camera system so that will have to wait.   In the mean time this will be all for now because i have alot of other comics to do and photos to develop for CZ. The bananas will be out soon and watch out for the Christmas Sale which is also soon.