Marvel CM Punk Nice

So apparently he’s been pestering Marvel to write for them and he was given the task to write Thor. You can read the article HERE They interview him here talking about he’s never written a comic before so he’s learning, through marvel’s scripts and how they do it. I think he’s great but i also (a small part of me) feel like it kind of sucks to the people that are trying to get into it and have  been busting their but to get into Marvel and this guy kind of feels like he just cut the line. Having said that I don’t’ really feel too strongly about it because I don’t really care that much about who gets hired in Marvel. But I really like his performances and how he acts in WWE so I would like to think that I can picture how he would write stories based on what he’s done. A major part of me likes to think that Marvel saw something in someone that could possibly write good stuff based on his reputation, and that’s why it would work. But what do I know, I’m no Marvel professional.