Death Of Wolverine

Death_of_Wolverine_1_McGuinness_Mortal_Variant-850x560 So as a long time fan of Wolverine I have to say I obviously had a lot of expectations for this story arc. It really has a lot to cover. It was given 4 issues to wrap up a character that’s been around for decades. I know that he’ll be back but when you’re given a chance to make a story about a death of a character like Wolverine. It makes you a little irritated to say the least that he was taken out so predictably . I mean its not even kind of like “will he?” it was like you were reading it just to see how he died. 53a86c53bdf19 The set up of people trying to kill him was a good set-up but if it was gonna be wasted on some dude with a flag on his face was such a let down. Everything seemed to have been set up and cleared up so fast that it just didn’t read like it was being taken so seriously. I really can’t blame the writer ( Charles Soule), he had to cram all that stuff to a 4 issue story. I mean it just didn’t add up to me.  Also but just having Logan without even a whisper of Jubilee, i just feel like the history is dead and gone.  I miss the relationship they had and how it was a pure connection that should be cherished but I guess times have changed and no one gives a damn about it.   But if there’s anything I enjoyed in this book is Steve McNiven. His work is absolutely fantastic, i loved the pages just for his line work and layouts. 0 Of course we all know his death is temporary and we’ll just have to wait and see how they’ll bring him back. Well this is Madd saying this book should have been better damnit! peace and luv ya’ll