2D Shooters!

Hi guys so i got really into my project last night and didn’t get a chance to blog about my progress but boy oh boy did it got me going. Okay so the entire time i was thinking of doing a platform runner game but in the back of my mind i kept thinking about my shooter game from a long time ago that had artwork lingering around in my drives. Soooo when i was about to start i decided to switch my idea to the game i came up with my brother called Firegrid. wallpaper1   dyvpost1 So i started making new 3d models and stuff and pulled out this old boss model I’ve concepted. boss1concept So i’ve been developing this old game like 3 years back and i really wanna finish it off. Besides i get to learn new things if i keep this up. I learned a new tutorial about making 2d Shooters on Unity so i just applied it to this test i’m making. The only issue i have right now is that the gui system they are teaching is an old one. So i’m trying to meld the new gui system called canvas on to this game. Which shouldn’t be a big deal its just my brain is too slow to make it work. So i’m just designing while i figure out a way to make that work. Just so you guys know i’m really stupid so switching from drawing, digital painting, 3d, to game dev is really hard for me but i can’t stop trying lol. I’m stubborn… So i wanted to post what i have so far and here it is. The controls are W – A – S – D The point system doesn’t work yet cause yeah and the mother ship doesn’t move yet cause i don’t wanna do that yet untill the point system works. Plus i have all these other enemies i wanna get to first before the boss.