Art Full Debut

10744535_10152288425432563_1982606587_nIt is my pleasure to introduce to you a comic strip created by Andrea MacFarlane. She’s a good friend of mine that went to school for Animation. Her current project is still in the works but she has all these short stories that she wanted to put out. A lot of it are stories about being artists and having pets.  We had some funny moments going to conventions and drawing together. So I personally am pretty excited to see her comic strips and see what she will draw.     issue1         So No-BIT started off at a comic strip for the tech-blog we have called Hexabites . I did it for awhile but I started running out of ideas for it and me being me, i’d rather do something that didn’t limit me. Because I had more ides on other topics i really wanted it more to be about little things me and my brother did and bring my friends in it. So i’ve gotten more ideas in for this strip and i wanted to give it another place that is centralized in webcomics… TADAAAA! duh sketch i mean just put it in The Sequentials already. So here we are!   I hope you guys like all the new stuff we’re putting up on this site, feel free to give us any comments on what you would like to see more of. I’m constantly adding more to the site the more i have time to work on it. But sometimes the freelance work becomes priority. Once this site picks up on revenue then you’ll be able to see more progress out of this place. But i will try to keep hacking away at it. ^_^ Thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding.