Sunday Lab Session 1

Okay so I’ve decided to boil down my experimenting days on one day so that I don’t get too distracted every time i have an idea. For some of you that don’t know me, I love to experiment with ideas. I’ve tried to make games, comics, animations, wood crafts. I love making things, I don’t let anyone stop me from doing it. the results of this is Captain Zinc, Surviving Earth, Decade, R81(video game) and Excessive Force(short film, game thing). I love to learn on my own pace and go as far as i can. My method is instead of waiting till i’m good enough to execute something I just keep trying until I get it right lol. So this time I will be doing a Lab session where I spend the whole day either learning something or trying to make something. Right now I’ve missed making games with Unity3d engine so I’ve decided to learn the new features of the engine. It turns out 2 years is a long time and I’ve missed a butt ton of stuff. I’ve tried to do so many games before that took other plug-ins to make with and years later it all comes with Unity now. Pandapad have made sprites for games we were collaborating on before and it looks like i’m ready to fully make this game ^_^. So right now I’ve just started learning this tutorial on character controlling for the 2D side of Unity and it’s been a great. It’s a great way to start off doing 2D platformers so i’ve decided to start doing one every Sunday I will try to pull this off and hopefully i can make a free playable game for us here to play. So basically you guys win lol. I’m thinking something along the lines of a Robot in the Gero World going against the Oogleman. So I dunno yet i just wanna make it look fun for me to make. I just wanna make the fundamentals first then add the story afterwards. So far the engine to me got so much more fun and i really wanna try to challenge it and myself. Right now I wanna make it look like a busy metropolis city. then the main character will be a robot and the enemies will be oogles.  Next week I’ll update with the art I’ve made with the art. If anything I’ll tweet anything i do after this post.   PEACE AND LUV!