Surviving Earth coming soon


 Hello everyone! this is just to present to everyone what I’ve been currently working on. I’m on the stage of coloring the pages. It is a Issue based comic. We’ve been writing this world for over a decade now and I’ve finally able to work up the courage to present it to the world.

preview1 Now I’ve actually made the comic as a preview before but I’ve rewritten the book and have expanded the storyline to work with the rest of the world. This is a huge undertaking for me, writing this world in a linear term is challenging. I feel lucky to have learned all new ways to write a story like this. I feel like all my experiences have trained me for this comic. I feel ready and willing to explore this world with you guys. Long ago i started a few small titles to try to work it in. Moral Affairs were about 2 brothers that lived as bounty hunters. Another one was about an Arcan ( angel) that lost his memories fell from the sky and is searching for his Armour. All this was a part of the world called Neo Gaia and I’m retelling all those stories to work with this book Surviving Earth. It would be like an ensemble cast, where we have all sorts of characters supporting each others cause. I will admit I’m pretty nervous to be showing anyone this world because it’s been with my friends for so long, kept in secret. Hopefully you guys like it and accept it so i can continue to tell this epic story.


I’m hoping that I can gain enough buzz through this that I would be able to achieve a goal on Kickstarter to fund the printing of the book. Because that was my ultimate dream for this story. To be honest I don’t know how long this book is going to be. Off the bat i think it’s going to be 20 volumes long lol. But we’ll see maybe i break off some of the characters into a spin off because there’s so many characters.

Charlie in Decade is also the same world, and the timeline will coincide with Surviving Earth. That book already has 8 chapters written and 3 chapters drawn. and 6 chapters layed out already so that’s still going. Anyway that’s it for me, time to get back on the drawing board and keep going! Peace and Love everyone!