So this is to just get out the plans for this site. This last few weeks have just been developing the website and fixing issues we’ve been having. Currently we’ve fixed a lot now. So I can pretty much move on to new comics to be rolled out. So next up is Go-man and Surviving Earth. My plans for SE wasn’t for webcomics but for printing. But talking to Toby, I felt convinced to publish it online first. I will upload an issue of decade soon now that I have time. Also the other comics are looking pretty good. Just check out our Instagram. So many things are happening including our writers section. I’ve yet to approach them to see if they’re ready but I know they have been working hard. With so much on my plate, it’s really hard to move fast. I just wish there is a web developer that would be able to help me lol. Anyway back to the drawing desk and finish some more work!