Tru Vibes


I’m glad to announce that Tru Vibes is on the first line up on September 7th.

We have a lot more news but i’m also working away on another title. But i hope you guys support the first line up because we’ve worked hard on these comics.

Dave Edwards is the creator of this comic and he is a great guy. He draws every page with love and care for the characters. When he first started his comic a few people hesitated to think he could finish it. A lot of people try to start a comic but can’t even get close to doing it. It’s one thing to think about creating a story, but it is another thing to publish it, yourself. Dave did it with 2 people believing in him, and he accomplished something that made a lot of us feel like we could do it too.

Creation is not only the ability to manifest it, it is also to work hard and develop it, see it through. I hope that you, who ever you are, find the courage to put yourself out there, like Dave did.

-Peace and Luv