Rockmiles Magazine Issue One Cover

magazineissueThumbnail Hello everyone, I would like to present to you the cover of Rockmiles Magazine.   I realize this is the first time i’m introducing it to everyone but i would say this is a nice way to present it ^_^.   Rockmiles Magazine is a digital magazine that will be available to download from our site here. It’s contents will be anything we would like to show. Our greatest short stories developed by the great writers we have. Even their blogs can be assisted with photography developed by our artists here. And especially the artwork developed by our great and talented artists here in Sequentials. The category blog Rockmiles. Alot of the stuff in the magazine will be already published on the site through blogs and writers’ sites. But to put it on the magazine is where we spice it up a bit.   The magazine will be released monthly with hopefully everyone involved to display their wonderful art. Also! at the end of the year we will be printing our ( what i like to call) Yearbook issue, where we take the best content of the year and print a special edition.   I would also like to take the time to give credit to the artist that did the cover, Helen Hsu. She is one of my best friend, my big sister. We collaborated on this image ( by that i mean just put my oogle face on top ).   So far our hard date is Late September, so lets hope we meet it.