Count Down


I am pleased to announce that after FanExpo we will be launching our first line up of Webcomics in September 7th. Now I am happy to just officially remind everyone the first set that we have been working hard to prepare. gomantitle1 A great comic book created by Kevin Briones. In a world without heroes, the anti-hero will rise to save us all. On the man-made continent of A.T.L.A.N.T.I.S., bounty hunters, the Go-Man, Clay T-Bomb and the DOC stand as the final gateway between freedom andincarceration for those who try to live above the law. From thieves to pit fighters to mech robots and even other bounty hunters, follow this intrepid team as their exploits lead them to discover the secrets of the past, present and future of all mankind. Freerun: REDUX from Kevin Briones on Vimeo. talesoflostTitle1 A Comic develop by the talented Tea Medeiros . When young Jennifer lost promised a strange boy her hand in marriage she never expected him to show up on her balcony ten years later to claim his bride. Jennifer also didn’t expect all his stories of another dimension to be true and she certainly never expect him to kidnap her and take her there. Once in this dimension Jennifer must learn that sometimes we cannot afford to be a damsel in distress no matter how much we may want to be. decadetitle1 A Comic created by Madd Sketch Charlie is an artist that like everyone else was laid off from work and drank his sorrows away. He finds a cape that warps him to a land that he knows very well but because it only existed in his mind.