The Sequentials started as a small comic hosting project between close friends. A place were they could post their own original comics and offer them to the public. After some creative contemplation The Sequentials turned into something much more. It’s grown into a full fledged community site! So maybe you’ve read our comics and become inspired to write your own script, well head on over to our (Ragamoth’s Vile Den of Twisted Words) and let us know about your stories. Maybe an aspiring artist will use it as practice and you can see your works brought to life.

Toby Medieros


  An Artist / Writer that just loves creating comic books. Toby just loves building worlds and telling stories of wonderful characters with unique characteristics.



Artist / Co-Owner of Studio DYV

 Based in Toronto but born in the Philippines, Madd Sketch is an artist that lives in line drawings. His curiosity with lines goes on for days, with large detailed backgrounds and high detailed character designs.

The Name Madd Sketch started in high school when everyone called him Sketch because it was all he did.  The time the internet websites were big for artists and everyone had nicknames, he added Madd. By the time he was in College no one knew his real name and just kept calling him Madd or Sketch. Then he found out no one had that name, and he has been using it ever since.

His knowledge goes from traditional drawing and painting, to 3D animation and video game development.  He has taught at Neilson Park Creative Center, R.A.C. Gaming, and Seneca College for Traditional Arts and Videogame Design. He is capable of using, Photoshop, 3DS Max, Unity Engine, Vicon Blade (Motion Capture), and Adobe After Effects.

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Advice on drawing comics